Glogster is an online poster maker that students can use to create a multi-media poster. Though has changed dramatically in the past year, students and teachers can still utilize the free version of glogster at the

Intro to High School Math--

In order to demonstrate their understanding of inequalities, students were required to develop a budget based on their chosen career. Students used the
COIN Database in NC Wise Owl (High School Zone --> Careers --> COIN Career) to begin their research, and then used other online resources like a martgage calculator and Kelley Blue Book to determine their budgets. Students calculated their budgets and wrote inequalities to explain their available funds. Students communicated their research information by creating a Glogster.

Student Example:


In groups of three, students were assigned a forensics career to investigate. Students were required to research the career description, it's importance to solving crimes, training involved, where you could work in that career the salary, training required and where you would train for the profession. Students used the COIN Database in NC Wise Owl (High School Zone --> Careers --> COIN Career) for their research in addition to web resources. Students then created a Glog and presented it to the class.

Visual Arts--VisArtsOthers.JPG

In order to build Global Awareness in the Visual Arts classroom, students completed a mini-research project on a global issue. They communicated their understanding of the global issue through writing (an editorial article) and through visual avenues (a tag cloud, a propoganda poster/Glogster, an abstract sculpture, and a podcast). Students also better understood copyright laws as it applies to their own work and the work of others.

Day 1: The teacher discussed the global issues project with students and the minimum information required for their editorial article. Students completed a 21st Century Skills pre-assessment.
In the library, students explored different global issues through a station pre-activity using the database Global Issues in Context and the iPad app from National Geographic 7 Billion. By the end of the class period, students selected a global issue to research.

Day 2: Students used Global Issues in Context to research information on their global issue, especially the overview article on their topic. Students were required to create citations for each article they used from the database.
Day 3: The teacher instructed students on writing editorial articles and the persuasive techniques. Students wrote their editorial articles; before returning to the library all students typed their editorial article. With their editorial article, students will submit a Works Cited page.
Day 4: Students used their editorial article to create a tag cloud using This web 2.0 tool allows students to easily create shapes and save their tag clouds to later embed into an online poster. Students also selected "copyright friendly" images based on librarian instruction and used to create customized pictures for the glog (an eventual propoganda poster).
Day 5: Students completed a plan for their glog and have it "approved" by the teacher. Librarian led students through written and verbal instructions in using Glogster. Students submitted their glog electronially to their teacher.
Day 6 - 18: Students developed an abstract sculpture and write a "podcast" for their product.
Day 19: Students used Audacity to record their podcast scripts and embed into their glog poster.
Day 20: In the library, students displayed their sculptures and glogster/podcast on laptops. The class toured and assessed each other's work. Other classes were invited to participate in the art exhibition and complete a peer assessment. The MHS Business Alliance also participated by viewing students' artwork, asking questions, and learning more about the technology used by students at MHS.

Student abstract sculptures: Whaling...Religious Freedom...Poverty in Nigeria...and others


A student glog on Coral Reefs: (Notice how this student has utilized the features of Glogster to make an interesting and persuasive Glog--without copying and pasting information into text boxes!)

Apparel Glogster --

A Help Wanted Advertisement is a good way to move students from creating an old school poster to creating a multi-media project that they can present in front of a class. Students researched a career using the COIN Database and the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.