Animoto is an online movie-making program that allows users to quickly create videos with pictures, video clips, text boxes and music. Sign up for a free account at and share the Promo Code with students for full-length videos.

Discrete Math -

Small groups of students are tasked with developing a global marketing company. Each company must develops products to be sold around the world. Students must prepare a proposal to present to the company’s Board of Directors and include the details of two or three new products that can be developed and marketed to a specific group of people in another part of the world with $2,500,000 to complete the project. Each proposal must include information about the country to market the product, product information, a business model using Excel, a commercial to market the product using Animoto, and a final reflection. To collect high-quality research information, students used the database CultureGrams. An NCWise option for information may be Lands and People Atlas (High School Zone --> Social Studies --> Lands and People Atlas).


Photo Story 3 is software that helps you create a slideshow with your photos or images. You can edit your pictures and add transitions, text, voice narration and music. Watch them on your TV, a computer, or a Windows Mobile–based portable device.

Biology -

Honors Biology class used Photostory 3 to showcase information researched about an ecological problem, its causes and possible solutions.

The Biology PLT started by having students select their ecological problem. Once selected, we used Brittanica in NC Wiseowl High School Zone--> Brittanica, and Global Issues in Context to research the topic chosen.

The students completed a Research Form and included citations created in MLA Format.

Student completed a storyboard which helped them organize their final project

Here is one student's finished product: