North Carolina Educator Evaluation System

As professionals, we can help each other become proficient, accomplished, and distinguished in many of the standards outlined by the NCEES. Teachers who collaborate with librarians and others should reap the rewards with their students and professionally! Please check out our wiki from NCTIES 2011 for more project ideas and ways to help teachers achieve success on the NCEES --

Here are some ways that we have helped teachers who have worked with us on collaborative projects:

E-mail artifact (during collaboration)--


Letter Artifact (after collaboration)--

At Millbrook High School, we ask teachers who collaborate with us to complete a follow-up survey through Google. That survey helps the library collect data on student success and the teacher's perspective on what students learned, what skills were integrated into their content area (21st Century Skills and NCITES), and how the project (and we!) can improve for the next time. Here's is the link to the survey MHS library is using this semester-- [[]] To use this template, you can go into your Google Docs - click on "Browse Template Gallery" or "Search Public Templates" and then search for "Collaboration FollowUp."At the end of the semester the librarians write a letter-report to all collaborating teachers that they may use for an NCEES artifact --
The follow-up survey also helps us create our mid-year and end-of-year reports on library media services provided during the school year. Here is a copy of the mid-year report for Millbrook High School Fall 2011. We shared this report with all of our principals and department chairs.