Prezi is a zooming presentation tool that allows students and teachers to tailor a presentation for an audience using templates, themes, images, video and text. Presentations are more engaging with Prezi and unlike PowerPoint, Prezi allows students and teachers to collaborate on the same presentation while working in different locations. Here's a link to a cheat sheet from the website to get you started:

Spanish II--

Spanish 2 used Prezi in presentations on a trip they would like to take. Students were used a $6,000 US budget to take a trip to a Spanish speaking country. They could choose to go by themselves or take somebody with them. They researched the trip using Lonely Planet ( and Culturegrams (a database purchased by Wake County).

After researching their trip, students created their Prezi and presented it to the class:


An ESL Class also used Prezi to create presenations on a career. Students used the COIN Career Database in NC WiseOwl High School Zone-->Careers-->Coin Database to take an online assessment and research a career. They were also directed to go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (

And and the finished product: