Tech Tours

When collaborating with classroom teachers, we often come to the conlusion that giving their students the OPTION of what technology to use for the final project will allow students the greatest opportunity for individual application and demonstration of their learning. This differentiation also can lead to more creativity and stronger final projects for students. Allowing students to determine the best technology to use to report their work is also a 21st Century skill that students need to develop and build upon. So how do you support students through the various menu of technology options? One solution that has been successfully implemented is the Tech Tour. The school librarian and classroom teacher work together to determine a list of the technologies that students may choose to use. The school librarian creates a Tech Tour for students to complete with the librarian and the classroom teacher that allows students to explore the technologies, select one to use, and get help starting the technology component of their project. Students often work at their own pace to explore the technologies and have a handout or reflection to complete at the end of the day. Tech Tours vary in selection and proces depending on the project and student needs.

English IV Tech Tour -

Students at Millbrook High School in English IV complete an I-search paper for their research project. The final component of the project is a formal presentation to the class. Students are required to use an engaging visual and technology for their audience. is used as a very brief introduction to explain the purpose of the Tech Tour.

The English IV Tech Tour is available through the MHS blog:

Students complete this handout as they work:


Students in Honors Psychology visited the library to check out young adult novels selected because of their dealings with emotional and psychological issues. Book talks from the school librarian encouraged students to make appropriate choices that they would be interested in reading. While reading the novels, students were expected to identify the psychology issues that characters in the book experienced. After completing the novels, students researched the psychological issue and learned more about its symptoms, prognosis, treatment, etc. using library e-books. An NCWise Owl option for research would be the Student Research Center (High School Zone --> Student Research). Students returned to the library to hear 4 additional booktalks using technology visuals. (To view examples, see the MHS library blog-- Students graded the book talks using the following handout and ranked the visuals and technologies based on the way the technologies were able to better communicate the message of the book.

As a culminating activity, students prepared book talks and presentations that incorporated one of the technologies shown. Students set up their presentations in the library, and other classes visited the library to hear more about the books, evaluate how well the psychology students presented their issue, and check out books for themselves.

Sports Medicine--

In Sports Medicine 4, students are required to research a major topic in sports medicine during the 1st quarter and then present their work to the class as if they are the instructor during 2nd quarter. Students are required to research using high quality resources, including NCWise Owl, library databases, and library e-books. In order to engage their audience and integrate technology into their presentations, a librarian created a Tech Tour and posted it online for students to access:,+Tricks,+and+Tips

Marketing / Sports and Entertainment Marketing--

Students in Marketing also complete a Technology Tour. A school librarian goes to these CTE classrooms at the beginning of the semester and shares with students five or six technologies that they can use throughout the rest semester projects. The collaboration with the Marketing teacher was what spawned the original Tech Tour several years ago at MHS, and it continues to evolve as technologies change and students' technology needs and skills change. This year's Tech Tour for Marking included QR Codes, Prezi, Animoto, Picnik, and Storybird. At the end of the Tech Tour, students were responsible for completing a marketing project using one of the technologies given.

Students work at their own pace and explore the technologies and their purposes for the Marketing classroom while completing this handout.
Access this semester's Tech Tour for Marketing through the MHS library blog: