Wikis are quick ways to create collaborative websites. Students can upload content information, pictures, links, and more; utilizing the embed feature can make each wiki more interesting and engaging for their audience.

Here is a cheat sheet for using PBWorks -


Students in groups of 4 will be assigned a health disorder to research. Collected research information will be communicated by the group through a wiki page. Each wiki page must include information about the disorder, prognosis, treatment, etc. as described on the assignment handout. Sources of information must be high-quality, and at least one source must be from NCWise Owl--(Professional Zone --> Health --> Health Professional DB) Students will be responsible for presenting the health disorder and wiki to the class in an engaging and creative way--this may include having an interactive feature on the wiki, using a teaching strategy, etc.

AP Human Geography--Culture--

This project was created to help students gain a better understanding of cultural diffusion. Students got an overview of the topic and the assignment in the classroom.
In this project we used Wikispaces for Educators ( ) as a wiki platform.

We began the research process in the media center with an introduction to NC WiseOwl, specifically Brittanica and Student Research Center (High School Zone-->Brittanica, High School Zone-->Student Research-->Social Studies-->Culture and Traditions) and databases including Global Issues in Context and CultureGrams. Students spent the first day of research using only those resources. On the second day in the media center, we began with a lesson on web evaluation. We used this Prezi for the lesson:

Following the lesson, students were able to build impressive wikis that included everything from games, videos, audio and pictures. For images, we encouraged students to use Copyright Friendly Resources on NC Wise Owl (High School Zone-->Copyright Friendly Images). One of the best examples the wikis students made is:

AP Human Geography - Review--

For students who take an AP course in the fall on a block schedule, one of the biggest challenges is to retain the information for the AP test in May. To help with this challenge, the media specialist and teacher collaborated and had students create a wiki that could serve as review material for each unit covered in the course. The requirements are located on the home page of the wiki. Each unit is listed on the sidebar with a link to the page.
At Millbrook High School, a librarian created one of the wikipages and led a Tech Tour to help students utilize online features to make the wiki more interactive, engaging, and useful for students. This "interactivity" also helps to increase student learning as they engage with the technology and content materials. View the wikipage at


GeoGreeting ( ~link in wiki~)